ConBee II The Universal Zigbee USB Gateway

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The ConBee II has a strong focus on interoperability and supports many Zigbee devices from well-known vendors. Visit the ConBee II compatibility list on the Phoscon homepage to learn more.

A cloud free solution. The ConBee II offers completely local control of all Zigbee devices.

The user-friendly Phoscon App is used for control and configuration. In addition to this, there are community-supported Home Automation Systems such as Home Assistant,, openHAB, FHEM, HomeSeer, Homebridge, ioBroker and Mozilla IoT Gateway in which the ConBee II is integrated. This opens up many exciting possibilities for integrating the Zigbee devices supported by the ConBee II into home automation.

Thanks to the integrated power-amplifier, a range of up to 30 m is achieved in buildings and up to 200 m in open spaces. Larger areas are covered by the Zigbee mesh network. The ConBee II supports up to 200 network participants in mixed networks - with lights and terminal devices.

  • Universal Zigbee USB gateway integrates Zigbee products across manufacturers
  • Local solution without cloud, no registration or Internet access needed
  • Strong signal range via power-amplifier
  • Supported operating systems: Windows 7 / 10, Ubuntu Linux (AMD64), Raspbian and Docker
  • For PC, Notebook, Raspberry Pi or Mini-PC