CircuitMess Jay-D - DJ Mixtable Kit | Learn Electronics and Coding | STEM Projects for Kids Ages 11+ | STEM Building Toy | Music Education Kit | Learn Audio Engineering and Sound Production

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Things you can do with Jay-D: Play multiple music files simultaneously Add equalizers, fade between songs and control their BPMs Load new songs on the included SD card Design a custom light show for onboard LEDs

  • NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE NEEDED: a STEM project designed to teach kids and adults the basics of electronics in a fun and exciting way.
  • LEARN ABOUT HARDWARE and soldering: Follow detailed and easy-to-understand instructions. Learn about audio engineering and electronic components needed for digital sound production.
  • EASY CODING FOR BEGINNERS: drag and drop blocks, or code in a text-based environment in C++. No installation is needed. Learn how to code custom sound effects and light shows into your Jay-D mixtable.
  • ALL THE COMPONENTS COME IN THE BOX: circuit boards, a TFT LCD screen, casing, knobs and switches, detailed instructions, etc.) as well as reading materials with exciting facts on audio technology.
  • EQUALLY FUN FOR PLAYING: After you build it, have fun with your new Jay-D mixtable: Play multiple music files simultaneously, add equalizers, fade between the songs, and become a DJ superstar.