USB IR Extender / Repeater (100-Pack)

Regular price $700.00

  • Use an existing remote control to operate up to 2 AV components located behind in the rear the room, in a cabinet, an equipment closet, or anywhere else that is out of sight. 
  • Conceal all of your bulky entertainment equipment, like your cable box, satellite receiver, stereo, amplifier, Blu Ray player, and more without losing the ability to control it with your remote. 
  • Dual band, which means it will work with the most IR devices. 
  • You can power the BlastIR USB with the USB port on your HDTV, giving you a clean look and an easy install. 
  • If your TV doesn't have a USB port, simply use the included DC12V adapter. 
  • Perfect for a simple installation in which you are only hiding away one device. 
  • Consists of 2 emitters, a receiver. 
  • A small, easy to hide device that you can mount on or near your HDTV. 
  • The receiver must be in the line-of-sight to wherever you will be using your remote control. 
  • The receiver picks up your remote's IR signal and transfers it over a small cable to the emitter. 
  • The emitter can be placed directly over the IR sensor on the device you wish to control. 
  • The USB cable either plugs into the USB port on your TV, or you can plug it into the included DC12V adapter to power the BlastIR USB.