Phoscon RaspBee II

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The RaspBee II has a strong focus on interoperability and supports many Zigbee devices of well-known brands. Please visit the RaspBee II compatibility list on our homepage to learn more.

No cloud by design. The RaspBee II offers full local control of all Zigbee devices.

To control and configure the free and user friendly Phoscon App is provided. In addition, there are community supported home automation systems such as Home Assistant,, openHAB, FHEM, HomeSeer, Homebridge, ioBroker and Mozilla IoT Gateway, which integrate the RaspBee II. This opens up many exciting possibilities for integrating the Zigbee devices supported by the RaspBee II into your home automation.

The integrated signal amplifier enables a range of up to 30 m in buildings and up to 200 m in open space. Larger areas can be covered by the Zigbee mesh network. The RaspBee II supports up to 200 network users in mixed networks - with lights and end-devices.

Since the Raspberry Pi does not have an RTC, the system time can sometimes deviate considerably from the actual time after a power or Internet failure. Automations, such as activating the alarm system from midnight, might then be carried out at the wrong time.

The RaspBee II integrated battery-powered RTC ensures that the exact time is always guaranteed.

  • Universal Raspberry Pi Zigbee Gateway, integrates many Zigbee products
  • Self-sufficient solution without cloud, registration and Internet constraints
  • High range through signal amplifier
  • Integrated real-time clock (RTC)
  • For Raspberry Pi 1, 2B, 3B, 3B+ and 4B (must be purchased separately)