ARDUINO A000066 Uno R3 DIP Edition, 1.5"

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Arduino Uno R3 Main Board A000066 (Rev.3) Dip Dip Edition The Arduino Uno Is A Microcontroller Board Based On The Atmega328 (Datasheet). It Has 14 Digital Input/output Pins (Of Which 6 Can Be Used As Pwm Outputs), 6 Analog Inputs, A 16 MHz Crystal Oscillator, A Usb Connection, A Power Jack, An Icsp Header, And A Reset Button. It Contains Everything Needed To Support The Microcontroller; Simply Connect It To A Computer With A Usb Cable Or Power It With A Ac-To-Dc Adapter Or Battery To Get Started. The Uno Differs From All Preceding Boards In That It Does Not Use The Ftdi Usb-To-Serial Driver Chip. Instead, It Features The Atmega16U2 (Atmega8U2 Up To Version R2) Programmed As A Usb-To-Serial Converter. The Arduino Uno Smd Edition (R3) Is Also Available. Specifications:• Microcontroller: Atmega328• Operating Voltage: 5V• Input Voltage (Recommended): 7-12V• Input Voltage (Limits): 6-20V• Digital I/O Pins: 14 (Of Which 6 Provide Pwm Output)• Analog Input Pins: 6• Dc Current Per I/O Pin: 40 Ma• Dc Current For 3.3V Pin: 50 Ma• Flash Memory: 32 Kb (Atmega328) Of Which 0.5 Kb Used By Boot loader• Scram: 2 Kb (Atmega328)• Epsom: 1 Kb (Atmega328)• Clock Speed: 16 MHz Physical Characteristics: The Maximum Length And Width Of The Uno Pcb Are 2.7 And 2.1 Inches Respectively, With The Usb Connector And Power Jack Extending Beyond The Former Dimension. Four Screw Holes Allow The Board To Be Attached To A Surface Or Case. Note That The Distance Between Digital Pins 7 And 8 Is 160 Mil (0.16""), Not An Even Multiple Of The 100 Mil Spacing Of The Other Pins.

  • 1.0 Pinout: Added Sda And SC Pins That Are Near To The Aref Pin And Two Other New Pins Placed Near To The Reset Pin
  • Stronger Reset Circuit
  • At mega 16U2 Replace The 8U2