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With Synthia, you’ll learn how microcomputers and other electronic components are used for sound production. Synthia is an electronic musical instrument that combines the functions of: -Sampler -Drum machine -Sequencer -Synthesize Synthia is equipped with: -A dual-core CPU (ESP32) -Five pushbuttons -Two encoder knobs -Two slider potentiometers -MEMS microphone for recording samples -A dedicated DAC with a Class-D amplifier -1W speaker -USB-C -3.5mm headphone jack -121 flashy LEDs What you’ll learn: -how to solder and assemble your very own electronic device which electronic components needed for digital sound production - about Digital-to-Analog signal conversion what sound waves are and how to synthesize them with electronic circuitry -how to code custom light shows for the built-in LED grid -how digital sound samplers work -how to record and edit sound recordings

  • NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE NEEDED: a STEM project designed to teach kids and adults the basics of electronics in a fun and exciting way.
  • LEARN ABOUT HARDWARE and soldering: Follow detailed and easy-to-understand instructions. Learn about MEMS microphones and sound recording and about music sequencers and digital sound sample editing.
  • EASY CODING FOR BEGINNERS: Learn about Digital-to-Analog signal conversion. No installation is needed. Learn how to code custom sound effects and light shows into your Synthia Digital Sampler.
  • ALL THE COMPONENTS COME IN THE BOX: A dual-core CPU, five pushbuttons, two encoder knobs, two slider potentiometers,MEMS microphone for recording samples, a dedicated DAC with a Class-D amplifier, 1W speaker, USB-C, 3.5mm headphone jack,121 flashy LEDs, as well as reading materials with exciting facts on audio technology.
  • EQUALLY FUN FOR PLAYING: After you build it, have fun with your new Synthia Music Sampler: record your voice, sample it, create yet another funky beat with that, add various equalizers to the beats that you’ve created, and become a new music superstar.