Sennheiser Open Hi-Fi Stereo Headphone

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Technical Details
Frequency Response 15-28,000 Hz
Transducer Principle Open, dynamic
< 0.2% 
Max. SPL 112 dB(1 kHz, 1V)
Ear Cupling Around-the-ear
Cable Length
9.8 ft (3m)
Nominal Impedance 50
Weight (without cable) 260g
6.3 mm stereo (3.5mm adapter)

General Description

The HD 555 features a special internal Surround Reflector, which generates an extended spatial sound field, making it the ideal headphone for home theater, as well as music. Other innovative features include Sennheiser's and optimized Duofol(tm) diaphragms for a new level of audio enjoyment. Overall listening pleasure is combined with outstanding wearing comfort.


  • Open-Aire ™,circumaural,dynamic,stereo headphones
  • Good attenuation of ambient noise
  • channeling for a new kind of listening experience
  • State of the art,advanced Duofol diaphragms
  • Highly optimized,field-strengthened neodymium ferrous magnet systems
  • Outstanding comfort for long listening sessions
  • Velour ear pads even allow wearing eyeglasses without loss of comfort
  • Longevity through exchangeable components
  • Lightweight aluminium voice coils for high efficiency and excellent dynamics
  • Surround reflector improves spatial sound characteristics
  • Lifelike stereo sound experience
  • Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement (E.A.R.) enables ideal sound
  • Powerful bass and increased signal levels for modern rhythm-driven music
  • 2-year warranty

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18-18,000 Hz
15-28,000 Hz 12-38,500 Hz 8-28,000 Hz
10-39,500 Hz
<0.2% < 0.1% <0.1%
Transducer Priciple
Dynamic, Closed
Dynamic, Open Open, Dynamic Dynamic, Closed
Open, Dynamic
260g 270g 240g
No No
Sound Pressure Level
115 dB
112 dB
112 dB 108 dB
103 dB
2 yrs
2 yrs
2 yrs 2 yrs
2 yrs
Noise Cancelling
No Yes
  • A comfortable, high-quality headphone system
  • Extended spatial field surrounds you with sound; ergonomic Acoustic Refinement enables ideal sound channeling for a new kind of listening experience
  • Features State of the Art Duolfol diaphragms
  • Velour ear pads let you keep glasses on while listening
  • Comes with manufacturer's 2-year warranty