Pimoroni Picade for Raspberry Pi 4 w/ 8-inch Display, USB-C 1024x768 IPS Retro Arcade [video game]

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Picade is now Raspberry Pi 4 compatible and includes a new USB-C version of Picade X HAT!

The all-new Picade has been completely redesigned, from the inside out! There's new artwork, a new display and display driver board, dedicated power button, an all-new Picade X HAT (now with USB-C), easier wiring, easier access to the interior of the cabinet, a bunch of extra goodies (stickers and an enamel Picade pin), and a gorgeous Picade poster and assembly instructions.

Picade comes in kit form, and it'll take around two to three hours to build. The cabinet is made from powder-coated MDF, giving it a quality look and feel similar to a full-size arcade. All you'll need to add is a Raspberry Pi, USB-C power supply, and micro-SD card.

Cabinet features
- Black, powder-coated panels
- Acrylic marquee and console with authentic artwork
- Push-fit arcade buttons
- Joystick with black ball top
- 3" speaker (5W, 4?)
- Easy access with removable back panel
- Dedicated illuminated power button
- Grippy rubber feet
- Dimensions: 350x230x210mm

8-inch display features

- 1024x768 (4:3 ratio) IPS (wide viewing angle) display
- Pimoroni-designed and manufactured HDMI display driver board and keypad controls
- Powered by micro-USB cable (included) from your Pi

Picade X HAT features

- Easy DuPont connectors for buttons and joystick
- Push-fit speaker terminals
- I2S audio DAC with 3W amplifier (mono)
- USB-C power management, power switch pins, and power button
- 4-way joystick inputs
- 6 player buttons
- 4 utility buttons
- Metal standoffs to hold your Picade X HAT securely