MAKERphone Standard kit - Soldering kit - Arduino - Educational DIY Mobile Phone ( Tools Included )

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This neat little device is an open-source mobile phone that you can build yourself.
Its purpose: to motivate people to explore, learn and create something new in a fun and interesting way.

Who is this kit for?

Based on our experience, an 11-year-old kid should be able to assemble a MAKERphone kit with a tiny bit of help from an adult.
Estimated build time: 5 hours.
Building the MAKERphone kit is just the beginning. After that, you'll spend numerous hours creating your own games and apps and experimenting with hardware.

What you'll learn with MAKERphone:

how to solder properly
what are the basic electronic components and what are their functions
what are microcontrollers and some basics of digital electronics
how to program a microcontroller

What you get inside your box:

MAKERphone circuit board
MAKERphone casing
128*160 full-color TFT LCD
GSM module
Main microcomputer module Sound module
Amplifier module
Stick-on antenna
A bag with other tiny electronic components
A package of tools