EnjoyGadgets Yukon Case for Raspberry Pi 4 B 4B, w/Cooling Fan, 5V 3A USB-C Power Supply for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

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EnjoyGadgets Yukon Kit for RPi 4B The Yukon Kit provides complete cooling solutions to Raspberry Pi 4 B

Even with moderate load, Pi 4B on its own runs burning hot, which results in thermal throttling (decreased performance) and can cause injuries to your hands. Small heat sinks alone cannot prevent it, you'll need more aggressive cooling, like, a blizzard from Yukon's winter!

The Fan
The Yukon Kit comes with a fan that is essential to bring down the temperature both during idling and under heavy load. It completely eliminates throttling, no more reduce in speed, and the Pi 4 is no more a fire hazard or dangerous around kids.

It doesn't have heat sinks because really, you don't need one.

The Case
It has dozens of holes for ventilation.

The case provides easy access to all ports:

- USB-C Power
- 2 Micro-HDMI ports
- 40-pin GPIO
- MicroSD memory card slot
- 4 USB Ports
- Ethernet Port
- Camera slot
- Display cable slot
- Audio jack
Power Supply EnjoyGadgets Pi 4B power supply outputs at 5V 3A, providing more than enough power for Pi 4B to mount as many devices as you wish, so your Pi 4B will be stable even at full load.

- 5.0V / 3.0A DC output
- 96-264Vac operating input range
- Short circuit, over-current and over-temperature protection
- 1.5m cable with USB-C output connector

What's in the Package:
1 EnjoyGadgets Raspberry Pi 4B Power adapter