EnjoyGadgets Fan for Raspberry Pi 4, 25mm Pre-Assembled with Heatsink and Adhesive (EG-Pi4-25MMEN-RPF4-102)

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Make your Raspberry Pi 4 seriously cool with EnjoyGadgets Fan! This 25mm no-solder, CPU fan will prevent Raspberry Pi 4 from thermal throttling, bringing CPU temperature down to 50-60C even under stress (with ambient temperature at 20C).


Fan size: 25mm
Length: 26mm (with heatsink)
Width: 26mm (with heatsink)
Height: 12mm (with heatsink)


Installation is really easy

- BEFORE installation, if you use a case, cameras, GPIO cables or other heatsinks, test and fine-tune where the fan can be positioned;

- Peel off the adhesive cover and attach the fan to the main processor;

- Connect the Red cable to Pi's 5V/3.3V GPIO connector, and Black to Ground.

Package Contents

- EnjoyGadgets Pi 4 Fan ARCTIC pre-assembled: the fan, heatsink, screws and adhesive (Model: EG-Pi4-25MMEN-RPF4-102)

  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 (and 3B 3B+ 3A+)
  • No more thermal throttling under heavy load
  • Easy to install; Pre-assembled with heatsink and adhesive; No soldering required
  • 25mm fan, Support Quiet mode (3.3V, 7000RPM) and Full-speed mode (5V 10000RPM)
  • Raspberry Pi NOT included. NOT compatible with all cases