EnjoyGadgets® EGV383 HDbitT HDMI Extender, 120m (394 Feet) over CAT5/5e/6 Network Cable, Support 1080P FullHD 3D, IR Remote Signal, up to 253 Receivers

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EnjoyGadgets? EGV383 HDbitT HDMI Extender delivers 1080P HDMI signal for up to 120m (394ft) over Cat5/5e/6 network cables. It allows you to view videos in other rooms using existing Cat5/6a/7 network connection, without having to purchase or install long HDMI cables or IR extenders.

You can connect your HD source to this HDMI Extender, such as your:
* Blu-Ray/HD-DVD Player
* Computers (HTPC), Apple Mac computers
* DVR/PVR / TV boxes
* Video Streaming box (Netflix/Roku/Chromecast, etc)

The HDMI Extender then connects to the HDTV / projector over a long Cat5/5e/6 cable in other rooms. The transmission is lossless, with no degradation in video/audio quality.

* Resolution: 1080p/i@50/60Hz, 720p@50/60Hz, 576p/576i@50Hz, 480p/i @60Hz;
* Network Cable: UTP/STP Cat5/5e/6 * Transmission length: up to 120m at 1080P;
I* R remote control frequency: 20~60KHz;
* Working temperature: 0 - 60 ?C;
* Power: DC5V/1A (2 units included);
* Power consumption: TX: 3.5W; RX: 3W ;

Network Cable Recommendation
Network cable: High-quality UTP/STP Cat5/5e/6 cable (purchased separately), supporting standard IEEE-568B, with low resistance and consumption oxygen-free copper core.

What's Included
* 1 HDMI to RJ45 sender TX
* 1 RJ45 to HDMI receiver RX
* 2 power adapters
* 1 User manual
* 1 IR blaster extension cable
* 1 IR receiver extension cable

  • Extend HDMI signals over up to 120m (394ft) Cat5/5e/6 Ethernet cable with IR pass-through
  • Lossless transmission, no compromise in quality
  • Extend and split using existing LAN network, for up to 253 receivers
  • Support IR remote control
  • Plug-n-play