EnjoyGadgets® 5.5" HUD Head-Up Display, GPS KM/h MPH Speedometer, Support All Cars Plug & Play (EGHUDQ7)

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Lowering your head to check speedometer on a highway, especially when going into an unfamiliar curve, is dangerous and may cause accidents. EnjoyGadgets® EGHUDQ7 HUD displays speed in your normal field of view so you can always keep your eyes on the road. Imperial or Metric, KM/h or MPH, KM or Miles, you choose whichever you like. It's plug-n-play on all cars: plug in the cigarette lighter receptacle and you are good to go. It's also hardcore: showing speed, mileage, driving direction (N, E, S, W), driving time, current time, satellite number, altitude, speed alarm. Package Contents 1 HUD 1 Cigerett-Lighter-to-USB power cable 1 Mat 1 Reflective film (optional to install, useful to reduce double image) 1 User Manual Specifications * Compass precision: +/-1° * Speed range: 0 - 400 km/h (0 - 248 mph) * Power: 12V @ 1000mA, car charger with 1m USB cable * Dimension: 130 x 78 x 15 mm * Weight: 115g

  • Display speed on the windshield: no more lowering your head to check speed, driving safely
  • 5.5" Multi-colour HD display: speed (km/h & mph), mileage (km & mile), driving direction and more
  • Plug-n-play on ALL cars: Plug in the cigarette lighter receptacle and that's it
  • Automatic brightness control: dimmer at night, brighter during the day
  • Automatically power on and off