EnjoyGadgets® 5.5" HUD Head-Up Display, GPS KM/h MPH Speedometer, Support All Cars Plug & Play (EGHUDQ7)

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Lowering your head to check speedometer on a highway, especially when going into an unfamiliar curve, is dangerous and may cause accidents. EnjoyGadgets? EGHUDQ7 HUD displays speed in your normal field of view so you can always keep your eyes on the road. Imperial or Metric, KM/h or MPH, KM or Miles, you choose whichever you like. It's plug-n-play on all cars: plug in the cigarette lighter receptacle and you are good to go. It's also hardcore: showing speed, mileage, driving direction (N, E, S, W), driving time, current time, satellite number, altitude, speed alarm. Package Contents 1 HUD 1 Cigerett-Lighter-to-USB power cable 1 Mat 1 Reflective film (optional to install, useful to reduce double image) 1 User Manual Specifications * Compass precision: +/-1? * Speed range: 0 - 400 km/h (0 - 248 mph) * Power: 12V @ 1000mA, car charger with 1m USB cable * Dimension: 130 x 78 x 15 mm * Weight: 115g

  • Display speed on the windshield: no more lowering your head to check speed, driving safely
  • 5.5" Multi-colour HD display: speed (km/h & mph), mileage (km & mile), driving direction and more
  • Plug-n-play on ALL cars: Plug in the cigarette lighter receptacle and that's it
  • Automatic brightness control: dimmer at night, brighter during the day
  • Automatically power on and off