ENHANCE Pathogen Extra Large Gaming Mouse Pad (31.5 x 13.75 in) - Extended Mousepad with Anti-Fray Stitching, Low Friction Smooth Surface, Non-Slip Backing - Full Desk Mouse Mat (Blue)

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ENHANCE XXL Extended Gaming Mouse Pad


Created solely for gamers who go big or go home, the ENHANCE XXL Mouse Pad provides the user extra gliding space, ergonomic support, and even comfort! Set your GX-MP2 over your desk, place your keyboard and mouse on top, and experience a new type of freedom only BIG mouse mats can offer!

Ultra Smooth Tracking Surface
The GX-MP2 features a soft intertwined fabric surface allowing you feel low friction while gliding your mouse across your desk. With your keyboard on top of the mouse pad itself, you can rest your wrists on the pad for better comfort! The mouse pad was designed for gamers but also great for home/office use as well for as graphic designers, digital artists and film editing.

ENHANCED Performance
With the anti-slip rubber base, you can significantly reduce your chances of undesired slips even during the most intense parts of game play! To improve durability, the perimeter has been equipped with anti-fray stitching.