ENHANCE NIGHTLUX BLM Bicycle Headlight Mount with Weather Proof Exterior - Works with Diamondback , Critical Cycles , Schwinn , Northwoods , Jeep , Giordano and More Hybrid Bicycles

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ENHANCE NIGHTLUX BLM Bicycle Headlight Mount – Safety and Quality You Can Rely On!Easy and Tool-Free SetupThe installation of the NIGHTLUX BLM does not require any tools and only takes a few minutes to complete! Simply loosen the adjustment strap on the BLM mount, wrap it around your bicycle handlebar, and tighten the strap until it fits your handlebar snug. The BLM fits handlebars up to 40 mm in diameter.High Quality Light OptionsThe NIGHTLUX BLM uses CREE LED lights with multiple setting options. Choose between two flash settings and two brightness settings to fit your needs. The BLM also shines with 115 lumens in a 180 degree field of view so you can see everything in front of you as you ride! The power button lights up blue to indicate the BLM has full battery power and changes to red when the batteries need to be replaced.Weather ResistantThe NIGHTLUX BLM can handle most harsh weather conditions. With an IPX4 water resistant rating, the BLM can be relied on to keep your view clear through any storm. The flashlight is also detachable from the mount so you can use the light independently when you must leave your bike behind.Works with:Diamondback Edgewood Sport , Insight 2 Performance , Trace Dual Sport , Kalamar , Clarity 1 , Clarity 2 , Clarity STI-8 , Vital One , Vital Two , Insight STI-1 , Insight STI-8 , Calico , Interval Performance , Interval EliteCritical Cycles Dutch Style Shimano , Diamond FrameSchwinn Community 700C , GTX-1 700C , GTX-2 700C , Network 1.0 , Network 3.0 , Siro 700C , Phocus 1600 , Mica 2.0 , Wayfarer 700C , Midmoor , Crest UrbanGiordano RS700Northwoods Springdale 21Jeep CompassAnd Many More Hybrid Bicycles!

  • No tools required! The BLM fits handlebars up to 40 mm in diameter including Diamondback , Critical Cycles , Schwinn , Northwoods , Jeep , Giordano and more hybrid bicycles
  • The NIGHTLUX BLM keeps safety in mind and is not a cheap imitator. Includes CREE LED lights and gives you a 180 degree field of view.
  • Powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included) with 2 brightness settings and 2 flash settings
  • IPX4 water resistant rating keeps the light shining strong in wet weather
  • Quality Guaranteed - 3 YEAR MANUFACTURER's WARRANTY by Accessory Power