16GB 16G Memory Stick PRO Duo for PSP, Camera, Phone, Photo Frame, MicroSD + EnjoyGadgets Adapter

Regular price $15.95

This combination of MicroSD card + EnjoyGadgets adapter gives you a hefty 16GB capacity for your PSP, camera, cell phone and photo frame, providing reliable storage for your game data and high-resolution photos. It's 16GB and extremely solid, reliable and durable, so your game data and photos will never get lost or corrupted. Compared to the original, expensive memory sticks, you are getting a huge discount for exactly the same functions here. You can easily upgrade its size in the future by upgrading the MicroSD card inside.

  • 16GB (16,000,000,000 bytes, actual capacity: Approx. 14.7GB)
  • Compatible with SONY PSP (up to firmware v6.60)
  • Compatible with SONY cameras, photo frames, and Sony Ericsson phones
  • Compatible with standard-size Memory Stick PRO media
  • Noiseless, light weight, mini size, upgradable