Reeder for Chrome: Beautify your Google Reader in Chrome

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011 at 19:07

Reeder for Windows

If you are an RSS addict and you happen to have an iPhone or iPad, Reeder is a must-have. It syncs Google Reader and present it in such a beautiful way that makes reading so much easier, peaceful background, beautiful fonts, exquisite white space position, and easy operations.

For Mac users, they are lucky to get a Reeder for OSX, but there’s no Reeder for Windows. We introduced you an add-on on Firefox, called PureReader, which mimicks Reeder’s user-interface and things were good for a couple of month. Until last week Google pushed its new design of Google Reader, and everything is broken in PureReader.

Switching back to Google Reader’s original Web UI hurts my eyes so badly that I stopped reading RSS for a week. With 3000+ feeds stacking up, I’m almost desperate enough to spent $999 on a Macbook Air plus another $9.99 for Reeder.

Then came this Reeder for Chrome out of the blue, which is an add-on for Chrome that installs a theme close to the original Reeder for OSX, and it’s free. What a relief! Check it out!

Now let me read some feeds and be back later.

See ya!

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