Updates on Canada Post Strike and What It Means to Your Order

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011 at 18:25

Despite Canada Post responded today with another offer, CUPW has initiated the strike as it notified 2 more days ago.

However, it may not be as bad as we initially thought it would be: the strike will be rotating.

Tonight, Canada Post’s Winnipeg unit will be on strike, with everywhere else being normal.

Since we’re in BC, even though Winnipeg, Manitoba, is on strike, all shipments will be processed here normally for now. If a shipment is routed to Winnipeg during its strike, it will get stuck there; however, if it isn’t, it will be delivered just as normally.

Given this update, we decided to ship your orders first-thing-in-the-morning tomorrow on Friday. Surely, it is possible that once the rotating strike starts rolling, somewhere in the way, your order might get unlucky and get stuck, but it isn’t as bad as we thought earlier with the entire postal system shutting down nationwide.

If there’s more update on this labour relations situation, we will keep you posted.

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