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Official VIOFOŽ A119S Car Dashcam without GPS Logger V2 - Capacitor Edition (A119S)

This is the Official VIOFO® A119S V2 Car Dashboard Camera Dashcam (w/o GPS).

VIOFO® A119S automatically records HD videos while you are driving, providing video footage for:

* car accidents and insurance scams
* scenic driving on a beautiful day
* practicing driving

VIOFO® A119S has these advantages over traditional dashcams:

* Higher resolution: 1080P @ 60fps (vs 1080p @ 30fps in other cameras);
* It uses supercapacitor (instead of battery) to store and provide power, allowing it to operate in colder as well as hotter environment. No more overheating in the summer or battery dying in the winter or after several years of usage;
* Wider storage temperature range: -20° to 70°C (-4° to 158°F);
* Wider operating temperature range: -10° to 65°C (14° to 149°F).
* Larger 2' LCD screen (vs 1.5" in other cameras)

VIOFO® A119S has these improvements over A119:

* Better low light performance;
* Less distortion;
* Support storage up to 128GB (MicroSD card NOT included);
* Support CPL (Circular-Polarizer) filter (Not included).

Weight: 1.00 kg
Our price: 129.95 CAD
Market price: 169.95 CAD
Quantity: Out of stock


* 135° Viewing Angle
* Video Recording: 1080p at 60fps
* Photo Resolution: 4M pixels, JPG
* Novatek 96660 Chipset, Sony Exmor IMX291 sensor, 7G F1.6 lens
* 2" LCD screen
* Supports MicroSD card up to 128GB (20 hours); MicroSD card NOT included
* Support Loop / Cycled recording
* Stamping: date and time
* Support sound recording and mute
* 1 AV output
* 1 USB port

Package Includes:

* 1 x VIOFO® A119S Dash Camera V2
* 1 x USB cable
* 1 x mount
* 1 x dual USB car charger
* 2 x USB cables
* 5 x Clips
* 1 x Mount Detaching String
* 1 x Extra 3M Adhesive Pad
* 1 x User Manual